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CodeDisplacementHPBore/StrokeComp RatioVehicleDateComments

1131cc (1200)2575mm/64mm5.8: 1Types 1, 2To Dec '53
A1192cc (1200)3677mm/64mm6.6: 1Type 1Thru Jul '6028PICT
AB1285cc (1300)5277mm/69mm7.3: 1Type 1From Aug '65
AC1285cc (1300)5077mm/69mm7.3: 1Type 1From Aug '70low octane
AD1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm7.5: 1Types 1, 2From Aug '70
AE1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm7.5: 1Types 1, 2From Aug '70emmission controls (M157)
AF1584cc (1600)5585mm/69mm7.5: 1Type 1From Aug '72low octane
AH1584cc (1600)5885mm/69mm7.5: 1Type 1From Aug '71
AJ1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm7.5: 1Type 1From Aug '74Injected
AK1584cc (1600)5885mm/69mm7.5: 1Type 1From Jul '73
AM1584cc (1600)??85mm/69mm: 1Type 181'73 & '74Thing only
AP1795cc (1800)8293mm/60mm
: 1
Type 2From Aug '73
AR1285cc (1300)5277mm/69mm: 1Type 1From Aug '73
AS1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm: 1Type 1From Dec '73
B1584cc (1600)5785mm/69mm7.7: 1
7.5: 1
Types 1, 2Typ 2; from Aug '67
Typ 1; from Aug '69
7.7 = Typ 2
7.5 = Typ 1
CA1679cc (1700)6690mm/60mm: 1Type 2From Aug '71Dual carbs, pancake
CB1679cc (1700)6690mm/60mm: 1Type 2From Aug '71Dual carbs, pancake
CD1679cc (1700)6690mm/60mm: 1Types ?To ??pancake
CS1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm: 1Type ?To ??pancake
CT1584cc (1600)6085mm/69mm: 1Type ?from ??pancake
D1192cc (1200)4277mm/64mm7.0: 1Types 1, 2From Aug '60
DO1192cc (1200)3477mm/64mm: 1Type 1From Jul '71
E1285cc (1300)4777mm/69mm: 1Types 1From Aug '65
F1285cc (1300)5077mm/69mm7.3: 1Type 1From Aug '65
G1493cc (1500)5183mm/69mm7.8: 1Type 2Thru Jul '65
H1493cc (1500)5383mm/69mm7.5: 1Types 1, 2Typ 2; from Aug '65
Typ 1; from Aug '66

K1493cc (1500)5483mm/69mm7.8: 1Type 37.8 thru 7/65
7.5 from 8/65
L1493cc (1500)4983mm/69mm: 1Type 1From Aug '66
R1493cc (1500S)6683mm/69mm8.5: 1Type 3Thru Jul '65Dual carbs, pancake
T1584cc (1600)6585mm/69mm7.5: 1Type 3From Aug '65Dual carbs, pancake
U1584cc (1600)6585mm/69mm7.7: 1Type 3From Aug '67Injected, pancake



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